Empowering Educators through Professional Growth

An online professional development management and training platform that assist educators in managing their CPTD requirements and Professional Development Portfolios.

The platform provides teachers and educators with the right tools, resources and leading compliance features to comfortably manage and keep up to date with their CPTD demands. The platform provides a variety of professional development activities supported by the very best that technology that online CPD compliance has to offer.

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CPTD Compliance

Continued Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) is a professional development program introduced by the South African Council for Educators (SACE) that encourage professional educators and teachers to keep abreast with the latest developments in education and to maintain and grow their knowledge skills as professionals.

CPTD encourages professional educators and teachers to engage in activities that maintain their abilities, skills and knowledge required to.

CPTD maintains and increases the level of educational standards and the image of the profession.

CPTD activities that include professional qualifications and certifications, school related tasks and attending industry related conferences, seminars and workshops.

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