The Click Foundation has partnered with EduEDonline to provide online literacy programmes to facilitators that manage computer laboratories in South African schools. Their goal is to provide facilitators with enhanced skills that will enable them to function as an effective facilitator of the online literacy programmes, as well as to develop and further their workplace skills with courses related to the environment in which they operate, while also providing a pathway to other career opportunities.

Online Courses

Facilitators embarking on this e-learning journey will complete three compulsory courses within the first year of becoming a facilitator to achieve the necessary knowledge and skills and qualify for certificates of competence.

The three compulsory courses are:

  • The Work Readiness course that provides knowledge and work-based skills and consists of video tutorials, simulations and downloadable workplace course content. The assessment component consists of compulsory assignments and tests.
  • The Microsoft Digital Literacy course teaches generic ICT skills and concepts. The course contains screen shots, simulations, tutorials and a test per module. Upon completion of the course facilitators write the Digital Literacy Certification Test to receive a Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate.
  • The Foundations in Education course exposes facilitators to their role in e-reading in a school’s computer laboratory and to the general school environment, thereby providing a bridging programme towards a formal qualification in education. E-learning modules, tests and a practical observation need to be completed for competence.